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Best Cajun Restaurants In New Orleans

Article provided by: The Original French Market Restaurant and Bar

Best Cajun Restaurants In New Orleans

When it comes to unique dining experiences, many people like to travel to New Orleans to try the local cuisine. It is not all that surprising that diners search high and low to gather information on the best Cajun restaurants in New Orleans to have an excellent culinary adventure. New Orleans happens to be one of the major stops for many dining road trips for foodies of all kinds. This cuisine offers an eclectic mix of dishes that touch on the Creole, Cajun, and French roots that the city has. The next time that you are going to be visiting the Big Easy, it is best that you take some time to make sure that you have all of the top restaurants on your list. 

What Is Cajun Food New Orleans?

Cajun food is a distinctive style of cooking in New Orleans, Louisiana that is named after the Acadian, French-speaking people in the area. This rustic cuisine is what is known as a three-pot dining experience where one pot is the main dish, another will generally be with rice, seafood, or sausage, and the third dish is one that has vegetables.

What Is The Difference Between Creole And Cajun Food? 

There has long been a debate about the differences between Creole and Cajun food. However, the best Cajun restaurants in New Orleans will often show you that creole uses a lot of tomatoes where Cajun food usually does not. To break it down even further, locals in the area will explain it as Creole is generally referred to as city food where Cajun dishes are called country food. While the two styles blend more frequently, both Creole and Cajun are two very distinct cultures. 

Is Cajun Hot? 

Cajun seasoning is a prevalent spice mix that is used to punch up the flavor in a variety of southern meals. The level of heat that you will find in any Cajun dish will depend on the level of cayenne pepper that is found in the spice mix or whatever the recipe calls for. Many people who love this form of cooking will tell you that the level of spice is balanced just right to give the food more flavor rather than a lot of heat.

What Is A Pough Boy?

A New Orleans Pough Boy, which is often called a Poor Boy or Po’ Boy, is a type of specialty sandwich that is native to the area. This is a type of sub or grinder sandwich that is made on baguette-style bread and often comes with a filling like fried shrimp or fried oysters, while others may have crawfish, catfish, andouille sausage, and unique sauces.

When you are looking for the best Cajun restaurants in New Orleans, you are bound to find that many people love to visit the French Market Restaurant. This is a staple for the area that has been in business for many generations where you will find an authentic New Orleans experience. Whether you are visiting for the food, the ambiance, or all of it, you will always find a great selection of dishes and a staff that is ready to ensure you have a memorable time.

Best Cajun Restaurants In New Orleans
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