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We pride ourself on providing the high quality sushi and traditional Japanese meals.

Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant

Las Vegas Japanese Restaurant

Asian cuisine is one of the richest in the world. If you want to have a taste of a genuine Asian experience, Sumo Sushi II invites you to the best Las Vegas Japanese restaurant.

What is the best-tasting food in the world?

The most delicious food you can think of can come from any culture, and it can be any dish, so long as it brings some of the magic of the culture it belongs to. Although people have different preferences across cultures, some dishes are clearly more savory than others, thanks to the seasoning mix, ingredients, and methods of preparation. Japanese food falls into that category.

At our restaurant, we’re staying faithful to the incredibly rich Japanese cuisine, mixing classic recipes with modern takes on Asia’s most delicious recipes. Our unique signature is using French influences to bring a Western flavor to an otherwise flawless collection of Asian dishes. Our chef got his training from the French Culinary Academy, which speaks volumes on his ability to deliver a perfect blend between two cultures with impressive culinary personalities.

The best food specials

If you haven’t been excited about eating at a restaurant in a long time, you should try our food specials. Any respectable restaurant should have some type of food specials, as it helps build the restaurant’s personality, giving it a unique profile and signature. We offer three belly-busting options:

All-you-can-eat challenge – The name is more than suggestive. Pay a fixed price, order what you want, eat all you can. This challenge has put our Las Vegas Japanese restaurant on the map and for good reasons. Whether you want to gorge with your favorites or want to try something new, our all-you-can-eat option is perfect for you and your friends.

Happy Hour – You know how it works. Reduced prices for the same delicious meals you love, during certain hours. Check our menu options to find out the details so that you won’t miss it!

Lunch Special – Our lunch special focuses on the heart of our menu. Special rolls, burrito, sashimi and sushi plates, all served with miso soup and salads, depending on your choices. 

The best restaurants in Vegas

If you’re new in Vegas and looking for a memorable culinary experience in some of the best restaurants around, we should be your first stop. At our restaurant, you will get quality, fresh food, savor, and most importantly authenticity. We value the Japanese culinary heritage as one of the richest the world has to offer and one of the most delicious. Especially when ornated with a spicy French sauce.

Our Las Vegas Japanese restaurant offers you the opportunity to expand your gourmet experience. Our food is affordable, healthy, tasty, and it has something unique, that will come home with you – a lingering flavor that will make you lick your fingers at the mere memory of it.

Check our Sumo Sushi II menu and get ready to eat! What happens in Vegas remains in Vegas, including unforgettable culinary escapades.

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