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We pride ourself on providing the high quality sushi and traditional Japanese meals.

Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas

Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas

If you’re after for a Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas, count on us. At Sumo Sushi II, we offer you an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine that you will never forget.

The best sushi in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that we cook the best sushi in all Las Vegas. What exactly makes our sushi the best, however, is. And we’ll share some of these secrets with you. We believe that only three things help create delicious food, with a strong personality – passion, experience, and a prominent cultural identity. Our sushi is one of the best you can have precisely because it embodies all these factors.

Our chef is a disciple of the legendary Nobu, and he brings all the passion of the Japanese spirit into a field that couldn’t need it more. As an experienced student of the French Culinary Academy, he knows everything about mixing the unique French flavor with the Asian spices, to create incredibly savory sauces. If you want to try out some truly delicious sushi, pay us a visit and take on our all-you-can-eat challenge! Eat and thank us later!

What does all-you-can-eat means?

It means exactly what you think it means. You pay a unique price for the challenge, and then you start eating - as much as you can. Order your favorites, experiment with new dishes, mix them for a richer experience – you have total freedom. If you’re a passionate gourmand, our Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas is the perfect place for you.

Our all-you-can-eat menu offers the perfect combination of meat, vegetables, spices, and unique flavors. Just have a taste of our Japanese lasagna baked roll and feel the sublime magic of our cream cheese sauce-covered crab with eel and Yumyum! Or shock your senses with Kiss of Fire – shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, and crab sauce, extra spicy! Two samples of the myriad of options that will simply make your life worth living.

Is sushi safe to eat?

Generally, yes. However, raw meat does pose a health threat, as it may cause you to develop foodborne illness (colloquial for food poisoning). These cases are rare, and we take extra precautions to minimize the risk. If you do want to play it safe, there are a mouthful of cooked dishes that you can try.

We strive to offer our clients the opportunity to enrich their culinary experience. Westerners eat predominantly cooked food, which means that not all of them would find Asian cuisine appetizing. You would be amazed. Just try it out and give us your verdict! We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Our Japanese restaurant in Las Vegas is a culinary jewel of the city. As a local Asian food landmark for tourists, we exceed our customers’ expectations with every dish we serve. At Sumo Sushi II, we believe that good food brings some flavor in our lives, which is why we’re offering a genuine taste of Japan’s food culture. We guarantee it will win you over.

Japanese Restaurant Las Vegas
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