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We pride ourself on providing the high quality sushi and traditional Japanese meals.

All You Can Eat Japanese Restaurant

All You Can Eat Japanese Restaurant

At Sumo Sushi II, we believe that making good food is a form of art and this philosophy forms the foundation of our all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. If you find yourself in Vegas, for whatever reason, you can’t afford to miss our menu.

Where can I eat in Vegas?

You can find mediocre food everywhere, including in Vegas, but if you want something truly memorable, to shock your senses, you need to pay us a visit. The Japanese culture has a rich culinary tradition that goes back thousands of years. We have harnessed this tradition and mixed it with modern takes on food, seasoning, and cooking techniques to bring the true Japanese spirit to life. Our Japanese restaurant is the embodiment of that.

While people have different food preferences, we all know how to identify good food, that transcends our differences and arouses our senses. If you're ready for something different, our chef is ready for you. With decades of experience in the food preparation, and having trained at the French Culinary Academy, Jae, the owner, understands the culinary culture clash all too well.

He has taken the best of Japanese cuisine and gave it a touch of Western seasoning. The results are amazing, as our dishes will shock your taste buds and make you addicted to the Japanese taste in an instant. You don’t need to trust us for it – if you’re in Vegas, give our place a shot and see for yourself!

Is it expensive to eat in Las Vegas?

Not if you know where to go. Our all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant offers affordable prices for an amazing culinary experience. What’s more important is that, although we have a Japanese profile, we cover a wider range of tastes and culinary preferences. Depending on what you like, you can have:

Nigiri and sashimi – Garlic tuna, seared or smoked salmon, halibut, shrimp, bay scallop, etc.

Classic rolls – Experience a traditional taste with tuna and salmon rolls, avocado and cucumber, Philadelphia rolls with salmon and cream cheese, etc.

Classic entrees – Korean grilled beef, deep-fried breaded chicken breast, salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce, deep-fried breaded pork, etc.

Noodles – Kake Udon (mushroom, seaweed, green onion, and crunch), Nabeyaki Udon (shrimp tempura, chicken, mushroom, egg, mussel, and seaweed), and many more.

This is just some samples of our massive and diverse menu. We’ll wait for you to discover the rest yourself.

What to eat in Las Vegas?

If you’re a fan of traditional Japanese food, our restaurant is the perfect destination. If, on the contrary, you’re more for Western dishes, we should still be your first choice; it doesn’t hurt to experience something new and maybe discover new food preferences. And you’ll have your hands full in our all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant, as well as your mouth.

We have a diverse menu, filled with delicious dishes that you will thoroughly enjoy. Visit our website, at Sumo Sushi II, and check our schedule, menu options, and prices! We guarantee you’ll like what you’ll see!

All You Can Eat Japanese Restaurant
Sumo Sushi II
(702) 262-7866
8795 W Warm Springs Rd # 105-106, Las Vegas, NV 89148

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